Dance Music Quiz – The 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s

dance music quiz questions and answers

This music quiz is an entertaining way to test your knowledge about dance music. No matter if you’re an expert or novice, there are plenty of questions to answer.

Test your musical knowledge with this list of 80’s, 90’s and 00’s music trivia questions and answers!


The 80’s were an iconic decade that revolutionized art with its groundbreaking works of technology and creativity. From Cabbage Patch Kids and Yuppies, Rubik’s cubes and big phones, there were endless activities that brought people together around a shared passion.

Music was a way for people to express their passion. While various styles of music resonated with audiences in the 80’s, one thing remained consistent throughout that decade: dance music.

This type of music was distinguished by a strong beat, straightforward lyrics and high energy level that encouraged people to get up and dance. Furthermore, it had the reputation for being more accessible and easier to sing along to than other styles of music, making it perfect for dance clubs and discos.

Some of these songs are known for their catchy riffs and unique lyrics, while others have a more classic feel. Whether you’re searching for music that takes you back to the 1980s or something new you can add to your playlist, there is no shortage of great choices to choose from.

These songs were a major hit in the 1980s and inspired many other dance tunes that are still popular today. Some even draw influence from other genres of music like rock or country.

Choose from a wide range of dance music genres, such as funk, hip hop, pop and r&b. No matter the occasion, these songs will surely be a hit at any party.

Are you in search of an 80’s song with a catchy rhythm and that can keep up with your friends? Look no further than “Computer Love,” written by German band Soft Cell in 1982 but recorded by U2. This hit single became hugely successful, ranking as the number one single in the UK during that decade.

Another song to get you pumped for a great dance is “Thriller.” This track has an 80’s sound that will bring back memories of horror movies and features an up-tempo beat that will have everyone wanting to jump around! Not only does this appeal to all age groups, but it is one of the greatest dance songs from that era as well!

Finally, David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” is an ideal song to listen to while in trance. With its crisp production quality and upbeat dynamic, this track will surely become one of your go-tos at parties for years to come!

Are you curious to learn more about the music of the 1980s? Look no further than our collection of 200+ 80’s music trivia questions! These tests will test your knowledge on some of the biggest songs and artists from that decade – you’re sure to impress your friends and family with your knowledge about this iconic decade!


The 90’s marked a golden age of pop music. There was an explosion in hip hop and dance music, but not all was bad – there were many great tracks released during that decade that went underrated. This 90’s quiz will take you through some of the greatest tracks from that decade – from Spice Girls to Oasis – from start to finish.

This pub quiz will test your knowledge of the music that defined that decade, with six rounds of questions that include trivia and multiple choice answers. There will also be plenty of bonus points available so be sure to keep an eye on them!

Round one will consist of trivia questions and some lyrics-related inquiries. We’ll start with some classic hits from that decade, but you may need to consult the lyrics for this portion!

After this, let’s move onto some classic hits from that decade – including some popular singles from The Spice Girls and Take That.

Our next set of questions will involve the lyrics to some popular songs from that era. If you can correctly complete a line from one such tune, you’ll be rewarded with bonus points!

The third round of questions will focus on the names of some famous singers. We’ll also test your knowledge of their nicknames and provide additional facts about them!

On the fourth round of our 90’s quiz, we’re taking a look at some of the top male artists of the decade. To compete, you’ll need to know their names and some of their nicknames!

This round of questions will test your knowledge of some of the biggest music acts from that decade, from The Spice Girls to Take That and everything in between! Additionally, it tests your memory of some popular single lyrics from that era!

Our fifth round of questions will test your knowledge of some classic hip hop music. We’ll look at some of the greatest rap songs from that decade, and you’ll need to recognize some notable rappers by name.

Test your knowledge of some of the top hip hop songs from that decade and be rewarded with some bonus questions!

This pub quiz will be an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. It’s the ideal way to wind down after a long day at work or when on call and need something fun to do! Whether you’re at home with the kids or out on a night out with friends, this 90’s quiz offers plenty of chances for enjoyment while testing yourself intellectually.


The 2000s were an era of iconic music videos, boy bands and Britney Spears. So take a trip down memory lane and test your 2000s music knowledge in this ultimate 2000s Music quiz!

There are 60 questions divided into 6 rounds. They cover popular songs, albums, artists and more!

This game is ideal for your next virtual pub quiz night! Not only that, but it also promotes team building activities.

You can use this quiz as a standalone game or an addition to your party games. It’s free for users who use their own mobile phones, and you could even host it live as a quiz!

This quiz contains 25 questions about pop music from various genres and styles – so your players are sure to have something enjoyable!

R&B music is one of the most beloved styles. This eclectic style blends elements of dance, hip hop, pop and soul to create an infectious sound enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures.

Some of the most renowned R&B artists include Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys. Each singer has achieved international success through their numerous hits over time.

No matter your opinion on R&B music, this quiz promises to be an entertaining challenge! You’ll have to answer some questions quickly and accurately in order to proceed.

This quiz offers two different ways to earn points: you can count the number of correct answers or award points based on how often a certain answer is provided by your players.

Create a word cloud slide that displays the most frequent answers your players submit. This makes it simpler for you to identify which answer has been put forward most frequently by them and rewards them with points for even the smallest correct response!

Finally, this quiz can be tailored to suit any level of difficulty. Select the round that best fits your mood and then set your difficulty accordingly.

This quiz offers a unique blend of classic and contemporary music, sure to get your players talking! It includes questions on various genres from R&B to rock.

This music quiz contains several rounds, each with a distinct focus. For instance, there’s the ‘film and television’ round where you must identify songs featured on certain movies or TV shows from the 2000s. Another challenge lies in knowing stage names for various famous artists. Finally, there is also an ‘name the song’ and ‘finish the lyrics’ test to really test your 2000s musical skills!