Five Home Studio Offices That Are Essential For Your Creative Workflow

home studio office

No matter if you’re an aspiring videographer or blogger, having a home studio office is crucial for creative workflow. To keep your studio apartment workspace comfortable and efficient, consider including ergonomic features like standing desk risers and built-in storage solutions in your studio office workspace.

Keep your workspace stylish and functional by stocking it with books and photos framed on frames. Ursula Carmona created her home office nook with modern pendant lighting and seating upholstered with cognac leather upholstery for optimal work space functionality.

Space Factory

California-based startup W-Series 1, founded by former SpaceX employees, aims to launch an era of space manufacturing. Their first satellite has already launched into orbit; team hopes to manufacture materials that cannot be produced on Earth or that develop more quickly and effectively under microgravity conditions.

Decorated screens serve a multitude of functions in home office settings, from hiding an unsightly mess to delineating work and relaxation areas. Emilie Fournet Interiors of London installed this elegant three-tiered caned rattan screen as both an eye-catching accent and functional desk separator for their studio apartment in central London.

An arrangement of wall-mounted cabinets featuring open and closed storage can help to create an efficient home office in any small room or closet, such as this home office designed by Caroline Andreoni Interior Design Studio in Paris. Opting for cabinets in deep neutral tones with simple silhouettes will help keep the look minimalistic yet modern.

Create an at-home office using custom built-in furniture. Here, under an attractive staircase landing is a small nook equipped with a simple metal-legged desk and classic black Mantis BS3 table lamp that give the workstation its identity.

If you don’t have an office room of your own, set up your workstation in an unoccupied corner of the living area – like Desiree Burns Interiors has done on their top floor space – where it won’t seem disjointed and chaotic. Matching desks, chairs and shelving help the space feel less disjointed and disorganized.

Add some nature into your home office with a DIY faux green wall like A Beautiful Mess’s DIY version, adding color while providing an energizing focal point.

Alvin Wayne

Alvin Wayne is a home design expert with an avid following on social media. Featured by Architectural Digest and Apartment Therapy, his signature style combines clean lines with vintage glamour in his NYC apartment – for instance a simple wood desk sits front of floor-to-ceiling windows while an eye-catching plant visually separates his office from his bedroom space.

Alvin lives alongside a meerkat family while at work, which later becomes popular with jocks who invite him onto their football team, making the Chipettes jealous and prompting Alvin to miss an important concert, which the Chipettes win due to Brittany reminding them he betrayed them.

Wayne puts extensive thought and planning into his apartment before even moving in. He gave each piece time before deciding if they were worth keeping or replacing, researching details to achieve an organic modern aesthetic, using neutral-yet-textured mosaic patterns in the bedroom and covering plain upper cabinets with $9 sheets of contact paper from Amazon to make them appear like brass, creating an upscale yet cozy yet casual vibe. Furthermore, Wayne concealed unsightly storage behind large frames as part of his workspace design and bed arrangement.

Rosanna Bassford

Home office designs optimized for music or recording are usually found in spaces specifically constructed to serve this function, such as an attic or basement. But since many homes lack the space or budget required to build dedicated studios, converting a cozy area such as either of those into work areas can also be an effective strategy.

Leanne Ford Interiors takes advantage of an attic’s sloped ceiling by creating a custom wall of cabinets for optimal use of space. A light wood waterfall edge desk and minimal accessories keep this workspace looking clean and organized; for added storage needs there’s even a hidden desk drawer built right into the wall for easy access!

Converting a room from a home office into a music and recording space requires taking into account certain essential components. To maximize efficiency and ensure the workspace can accommodate the necessary equipment and technology, 19″ racks for studio machines and audio interfaces as well as surface-mounted cable ducts will help avoid messy cable cluttering up your workspace.

Ideal music and recording rooms will contain acoustic panels to prevent sound from reflecting off walls and ceilings, yet this is often impractical for home offices. Leanne Ford Interiors of Leanne Ford Interiors provided this top floor attic space where an attractive three-tiered caned rattan screen served both aesthetic and practical purposes – filtering light while delineating workspace areas while blocking visual distractions.

For a modern twist, paint your room white with horizontal striped painting to visually widen the space, as seen here by designer Niki Brantmark of My Scandinavian Home. A chocolate brown accent wall provides warmth against the crisp white paint on floors, ceilings and desk. She added black Mantis BS3 table lamp as well as minimal accessories to complete this girl boss workspace!

A Beautiful Mess

Kymberley Fraser opened A Beautiful Mess 10 miles east of Malibu and 40 minutes north of Los Angeles in 2010. Her boutique features antiques, artists’ work, unique jewelry designs and rare copper engravings from rare copper engraving artists; three fine grains textile collections (Three Fine Grains and Kymberley Fraser Couture); as well as her three Fine Grains textile lines (3 Fine Grains and Kymberley Fraser Couture). Kymberley provides interior designers – as well as those searching for those unique pieces to fill their spaces – everything they need!

Home studio office from A Beautiful Mess features an understated yet stylish DIY computer desk in monochromatic blue hue that makes an elegant workspace. A pair of industrial wood stools create space for sitting work, and an oversized wall calendar doubles up as decorative element while keeping the area organized and focused.

Wrap-around corner floating shelves create an eye-catching effect in this white-walled home studio office by Cathie Hong Interiors, styled with an edited selection of books and objects that keep the space feeling uncluttered. To achieve a similar look yourself, build your own DIY shelving, such as this build from A Beautiful Mess and add budget-boosting trailing plant accessories – you could achieve similar results!

Jenn Pablo Studio

Jenn Pablo Studio was established by founder and creative director Jenn Pablo, known for her signature aesthetic of contemporary luxury in warm yet calming spaces. Each project begins by isolating one design principle before carefully refining it and finally distilling down to its core essentials – all this to encourage discovery as well as personal utility when people interact with objects.

Home office interior designer Breeze Giannasio designed this space to mitigate views that might cause distraction or unwanted glare, by employing floor-to-ceiling drapes that can be adjusted based on weather and time of day. A simple modern desk and wingback office chair complete the ensemble while flowers, photos and sentimental objects add personal touches for a personalized experience.