Hip Hop Music’s Biggest Collaborations

Justin Bieber is an international pop superstar who has also achieved success in hip hop music. He’s collaborated with well-known rappers such as Ludacris for songs on his albums and frequently works together to produce new material together.

Purpose, his latest record, includes collaborations with EDM producer Skrillex and electro-pop architect BloodPop. The album showcases his ability to harken back to his online-sensation days while singing about adult relationship complexities.

1. ‘Where Are U Now’

Justin’s return to music proved to be an enormous turning point; this song made its debut at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart shortly thereafter and marked an important turning point in both artists’ careers. Written with Jaden Smith from The Karate Kid remake fame, its powerful message urged listeners not to give up and was an important milestone in both careers.

Combining three of music’s biggest stars on one song will always result in a hit, and this was no exception. From Justin’s catchy hook and booming beats to one of Big Sean’s iconic verses on record – you won’t soon forget this track.

Although he had been making music since childhood, it wasn’t until his teenage years that his talent and attractiveness attracted widespread notice thanks to YouTube videos featuring him singing popular rhythm-and-blues tunes with an acoustic guitar accompaniment. Scott Braun encouraged him to pursue singing professionally and helped organize an informal audition with Usher.

2. ‘As Long As You Love Me’

Justin Bieber has had an extraordinary impact on music over the last decade. Since his 2009 debut, when he caused global uproar upon debuting to an instantly loyal following known as Beliebers, Bieber has grown into a larger-than-life pop star who can hang with some of the top rappers he’s collaborated with.

On songs like ‘As Long As You Love Me,’ Bieber demonstrated his transition from child star to rap ace without missing a beat, pairing his silky voice with big-budget production and one of Drake’s emotive verses for an impactful duet with Kanye West on one of his finest ever tracks – one which became one of the biggest turning points of Bieber’s career and undoubtedly one of his finest overall. Later collaborated on more tracks with Kanye such as 2013 Journals offering Journals offering “Right Here” featuring Quavo and Chance the Rapper as well as DJ Khaled joint “I’m The One,” featuring Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Drake all featured among others on one record!

3. ‘Baby’

Justin Bieber initially began as a teenage heartthrob but quickly had to learn how to navigate adulthood as the spotlight focused on him. With 2015’s Purpose album reestablishing him as a top pop talent with great maturity, this transition proved successful.

Although most of his music has been rooted in pop and R&B, Biebs has never been afraid to experiment with various genres – including hip hop. His hits have always been supported by top-quality production while his rap friends have helped push him even further on many occasions.

One of Justin Bieber and Major Lazer’s most renowned collaborations was “Cold Water,” an incredible track that propelled both artists careers to new heights.

When the best MCs in the game come together on one song, magic happens. Justin, Drake, Quavo and Chance the Rapper all came together on “I’m The One”, creating one incredible record that demonstrated their combined prowess onstage.

4. ‘I Can’t Help It’

This ballad by Justin Bieber quickly rose to fame and proved divisive; but few could deny its impact. Bieber’s soothing vocals warmed hearts across the world while its innovative mix of dubstep, pop and R&B production makes for an irresistibly charming song.

This first of three number one singles from Bieber’s Purpose album marked an enormous moment for both artists. It propelled Bieber into EDM music’s forefront while opening him up to new fans; later they would collaborate together again on two more iconic tracks.

Packing as much talent into one track is always a surefire way to ensure success, and that was exactly the case here. Justin’s catchy hook over an infectious popping beat and stellar verses from DJ Khaled, Quavo (outside Migos), and Chance The Rapper all contributed immensely towards making this track an unqualified success.

5. ‘Beautiful’

Justin and Big Sean collaborated on one of the standout tracks from Justin’s ‘As Long As You Love Me’ album; their collaboration proved crucially significant for both artists. Not only did it show that Justin could successfully explore multiple genres while maintaining his star status, it also created an amazing musical partnership resulting in two further successful hits together. Furthermore, this track itself was simply fantastic all the way around; boasting huge beats, an emotive hook and some of Big Sean’s greatest ever verses – something all listeners could appreciate.

Justin returned to music in 2015 with his third studio album, Purpose; an effort which demonstrated his silky croon amidst tropical house’s sparse yet catchy beats while exploring his spiritual searches through lyrics. JB collaborated with rappers Ludacris (‘Beautiful Girls’), Drake (‘Right Here’), and Popstar for this record.

Busta Rhymes worked with him to produce “Little Drummer Boy (feat. Justin Bieber)”, an impressive song that demonstrated how far his flow has advanced since he first collaborated with R. Kelly back in the day.

6. ‘Sorry’

Bieber made his comeback to mainstream success with 2015’s Purpose album and stripped away his pop star persona to reveal something more humble and self-critical. On “Sorry,” his silky croon nestles comfortably within tropical house’s spare yet lively beats, while with American blues singer Loveless as his partner he delivers an unexpected self-pitying apology that builds over time.

Bieber had offended everyone from Miami law enforcement officers, archeologists and nudists since his debut. After infuriating everyone from law enforcement agents in Miami to global archeologists and nudists with his debut singles, Justin seemed determined to show his lesson had been learned with his follow up singles accompanied by stirring production with heavy percussion elements as well as adorable verses by Jaden Smith that made them global hits.

Packing together music’s biggest stars on one song is always a recipe for success, and this amazing collaboration delivered. Not only did it top the Hot 100 but it also gave DJ Khaled, Quavo (outside Migos), and Chance The Rapper their first chart-topping hits ever! Incredibly, this hit has not come off of the charts for over two years – perhaps making this the greatest Justin Bieber feature ever.

7. ‘Call Me’

Justin has always maintained a successful partnership between hip hop and pop music, tapping his rapper friends for songs on his albums ranging from “Sorry” to the loping funk of “10,000 Hours” and more recently his popular runic cut “Love Yourself.”

Bieber made his breakthrough with this song and video; it demonstrated his abilities beyond that of simply singing upbeat dance tracks with boy bands-esque singers. Furthermore, it brought attention from an entirely new audience.

He’s continued his collaborations with legendary rappers such as Yeezy, Drake and Kanye West on songs throughout his career; these collaborations helped increase his appeal among hip hop audiences. Additionally, Madison Beer and Carly Rae Jepsen joined his ranks; additionally he has his own YouTube channel dedicated to promoting other up-and-coming artists’ music.

8. ‘Beautiful’

Justin Bieber is one of the most versatile pop stars ever seen on a music scene, having proven he could excel across genres like EDM and rap. With songs for every occasion imaginable – this song certainly stands out.

Justin made history when he assembled some of the world’s top rappers onto one track with this epic collab. Proving himself as more than just a kid’s singer with this monumental hit.

Bieber took time off after his 2013 interview to “find his sound as an adult,” before making his comeback in 2015 with his Purpose album, which demonstrated a mature artist balancing doe-eyed cuddle bunny imagery with real life relationship complexities. Produced by several of 2010s heavy hitters including electro-pop architect Skrillex, hit machine Benny Blanco, and Ed Sheeran among others, this collection proved both refreshing and reflective; finding him still dancing but refined vocally beyond being classified teen heartthrob status.