Music Sad MP3 Download

Music sad is the perfect background track for emotional scenes in film, theatre drama and YouTube videos. This royalty free music captures any moment of heartbreak, sadness or tragedy with ease – download it free in wave and mp3 format to share it with someone special in your life today. Featuring piano and cello accompaniment, this piece is dedicated to one of life’s kind people.


Music can evoke many feelings, such as happiness, anger, sadness or even a smile. It is often used to inspire love and romance feelings or help ease tension during breakups or tragic events in one’s life. Such music is commonly referred to as emotional songs.

Bollywood has a longstanding tradition of providing us with heartwarming Hindi emotional songs. These classic tunes have endured for decades, such as ‘Hazaar Rahen’ from ‘Thodi Si Bewafai’ and ‘Kuch To Log Kahenge Song’ from ‘Amar Prem’. Lata Mangeshkar has also contributed some wonderful classic Hindi sad songs that will take you back in time – such as ‘Bhawre Ne Kholaya Phool’ from ‘Prem Rog’.

For those seeking an indulgent approach to grieving, Etta James’ song “Stormy Weather” is an ideal choice. This moving composition serves as the ideal soundtrack when your heart is breaking or you need a good cry.

In addition to the songs listed above, we offer a playlist of instrumental tracks that can help put you in the right mood for writing sad scenes. Each track is available as an mp3 download or can be saved offline with a premium subscription. With these playlists, you’ll have no trouble finding music to match any mood or setting and then incorporating that music into your story.


When you’re feeling low and need a break from the upbeat music, listening to some sad music can help get through your day and make you more at ease in yourself.

Musicians love to write about sadness: it’s one of the most intense feelings. A song can bring tears to your eyes and provide the catharsis needed to let go of a difficult situation or breakup. There are plenty of sad songs available online; here we’ve selected some of our top picks to get you through your next bout of tears.

If you’re searching for a moody MP3, Cookie Slime’s “Moody Sad” is the perfect choice. She wrote it to remember her first breakup with her ex-husband and it serves as an ideal choice for anyone feeling nostalgic about past relationships.

You could also try Etta James’ “Stormy Weather.” She has an affinity for writing heartbreaking, emotional songs and this one doesn’t disappoint. This song would make the ideal choice for a big cry session or simply to keep yourself quiet while journaling about your emotions.

This option is ideal for someone going through a major life change, like getting a new job or moving to a different city. Additionally, it can provide extra motivation when feeling unmotivated.

Elgar’s iconic piano solo ‘Nimrod’ is an uplifting classic that can help you cope with grief or loss. It has been performed at Remembrance Day services for decades, making it one of the most beloved examples of somber classical music available.

This beautiful and touching song perfectly captures sadness in an heartfelt manner. It would make an ideal track for use in memorial videos or emotional scenes in films.

‘Sad Background Music V1’ is the perfect way to add a moody, introspective atmosphere to videos, films, games, documentaries, YouTube videos and more. It includes six somber tracks that will infuse your projects with poignant emotion and heartbreaking scenes. Downloading is simple – simply select from MP3 or WAVE files for use right away! With so many tracks included you’re sure to find one suitable for your project.


No doubt, music and dance are essential components of any prosperous relationship. Knowing what to listen for, when, and how to pick the right ones from a crowd can keep your groove tight. Luckily, there’s no shortage of mp3 downloads online – from classical to funk! To help you along the way, we’ve curated the most impressive ones into an easy-to-digest e-book – best part? You can download it all for free!