Music Choice on XM

Experience the joy of the holiday season with SiriusXM’s largest holiday music lineup ever, featuring 22 ad-free channels featuring classic Christmas carols to contemporary Christmas pop songs. Get into the holiday spirit this season!

Add a unique spin to holiday favorites with genre-specific channels like holiday pop, seasonal soul and country Christmas. Or celebrate a “real” jazz holiday with our collection of timeless Christmas standards from Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole to today’s stars.

Music Choice Y2K

Music Choice Y2K is an xm channel that plays contemporary hits from the 2000s, 2010s and now. Additionally, they showcase classic rock music from the 1950s and 1960s as well.

Music genres range from Classical, Jazz, Rock and R&B to Country and beyond – providing plenty of opportunity for you to get your groove on. It’s an excellent way to get ready for anything life throws at you!

This channel isn’t particularly unique from other pop music channels on xm, but it does feature a good collection of songs that will make you smile if you catch them live on TV. Unfortunately, they sound similar to everything else on the radio and won’t stand out much. If you want more pop music options, xm’s sister channel Music Choice Play offers more variety; this channel caters more towards Millennials with music video and lifestyle content.

Music Choice 90s

Fans of classic rock will adore this channel, which plays music from the 1970s and 1980s. It includes hits by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and The Beatles.

Fans of grunge rock will enjoy this channel, which includes songs from bands such as Nirvana, Green Day, Pearl Jam and The Foo Fighters.

In addition to playing music, this channel also provides trivia and facts about the songs it plays. These are often accompanied by on-screen slides that change as the music progresses.

Music Choice is a free broadcast television service offered by several cable companies in the United States, such as Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox Communications, Verizon Fios and DirecTV. Initially accessible via digital cable connections, Music Choice now also provides streaming audio content through its website and mobile app – competing against Sirius XM and Stingray Digital services.

Music Choice Solid Gold Oldies

The Music Choice Solid Gold Oldies channel on XM provides a selection of pop culture’s iconic songs in various formats. With its bustling television, Web App and on-the-go mobile app options, tuning in has never been easier!

Customers with an XM receiver can access the TV show & app, while the on-air station broadcasts via DAB and FM radio from Chicago. You’ll find all of your favourite shows in the XM TV guide, while iOS & Android users have access to its app as well. Popular stations include The ’70s on 6, The ’40s on 4 and The ’80s on 3. They feature plenty of great classic rock hits as well as great oldies in rotation on both services – unlike AM which requires you to plug your ears for listening! XM has also added bonus capability of streaming music directly into earbuds so you don’t have to rely on CDs!

Music Choice Pop & Country

Music Choice is included with every DIRECTV subscription – it’s free and offers a diverse range of channels designed to entertain, educate or even motivate you.

For example, you can discover music you may not have previously heard from artists like Little Steven’s Underground Garage, REO Speedwagon and Styx. Stearn notes that the service relies on veteran program directors and on-air talent to curate the best in music you’ll enjoy.

On this channel, you’ll find holiday tunes such as contemporary Christmas favorites by Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Rod Stewart and Pentatonix. Plus you can enjoy a variety of holiday instruments like strings, pianos and orchestras! Enjoy these songs via mobile device, TV or web app – just check your channel guide for listings!

Music Choice Contemporary Christian

On this pop music channel, you’ll hear your favorite upbeat Christian songs to brighten your day. Plus, you’ll get access to a variety of news and teaching programs.

Listen to this station on your television, web app or on-the-go with their mobile apps. Plus, you can subscribe to Sirius XM for all your favorite tunes in one convenient place!

Music Choice Contemporary Christian features music from Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, Third Day and Natalie Grant. Their programming also includes talks with pastors and musicians so you can gain more insight into the artists as well as their songs. It’s an ideal station to listen to when you want to learn more about your faith; available on Sirius XM app and select satellite radios as well as TV guide!

Music Choice Pop Latino

SiriusXM recently removed eight out of ten Latin music channels from their satellite feed without warning. While this may be beneficial to listeners since many were never available in vehicles, it’s disappointing for labels and artists who depend on this old radio service to promote their work. Furthermore, they neglected the most essential piece of the puzzle: an extensive selection of genres tailored specifically towards Latino music lovers.

Some of the newcomers are still active, including Caliente and En Vivo satellite radio systems as well as La Kueva and Luna for more modest prices. Nonetheless, ViaSat remains in business by providing one of the most competitive yet affordable satellite radio services around.

Music Choice Musica Urbana

Musica urbana is an umbrella term for Spanish-language “urban” music with roots in the cultures of descendants of enslaved peoples across North, South and Central America. Its various styles — hip-hop, reggaeton, dembow and champeta among others — have become major trends within Latinx pop music, drawing fans from all corners of the planet.

DIRECTV’s free Music Choice channel lets you listen to your favorites on TV, Web App and on the go with our mobile apps for iOS & Android devices. Plus, with Music Choice Plus subscription you can watch favorites big screen, create playlists & stream offline – all at no additional cost. It’s the ideal way to make your living room the center of the universe – start listening now!

Music Choice Blues

Music Choice, formerly Digital Cable Radio, is a music streaming service available through digital cable providers nationwide. It is operated by an alliance of major American players from the telecom, cable, and music industries such as Microsoft, Comcast, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, EMI Music, and Motorola’s former cable technologies division.

The company also operates an online music store where users can purchase CDs and download tracks to their computers. Its music programming is measured through Mediabase, with several stations featured in weekly airplay charts.

Music Choice provides a selection of channels tailored to different tastes and moods. It also showcases music videos from various artists as well as original programs and artist features. Access these services is available via its website and mobile apps, which require login using participating provider’s TV Everywhere authentication credentials.

Music Choice Singers & Swing

Music Choice is a cable music channel available free with US TV packages from participating cable providers. Additionally, the channel has both mobile apps and web Apps so users can access its content on-the-go.

This service offers an array of curated playlists and shows, making it a great destination for music fans to discover new sounds. Furthermore, it is an advantageous platform for artists as they can use it as a vehicle for video promotion and distribution.

Music Choice provides an expansive selection of pop music, featuring both timeless classics from the past and contemporary hits from today’s artists. Additionally, it includes some original programs and shows to give up-and-coming artists a platform to get noticed. Plus, with online voting capabilities, customers have the power to influence what they hear – no wonder why Music Choice has gained such a devoted following!

Music Choice Max

Music Choice Max is an all-inclusive xm radio service with over 50 channels of various audio formats such as traditional, electronic, and podcasts.

With the latest digital cable technology, subscribers of participating providers like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Verizon Fios and DirecTV can view these channels. Furthermore, customers have access to Music Choice’s iOS and Android apps through their TV Everywhere credentials.

The music service is one of the largest worldwide, boasting 80 million song selections. Its primary attraction is its free video-on-demand content which contains hundreds of music videos from recording artists, original programs and artist features. Furthermore, xm radio business boasts more channels than all major competitors combined. The service searches through its vast library to curate playlists featuring only top pop, country and rock music before placing them on dedicated xm channels for easy listening.