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Popular Zambian Music

Michael Baird’s album Zambia Roadside – Music From Southern Province features tribal drumming and women’s choir singing as well as breakneck guitar-based tracks about hunting and one that praises chiefs. These styles were formed following Zambia’s independence, when President Kenneth Kaunda ordered that at least 95% of radio music should come from homegrown composers in

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Hip-Hop Music on Piano

Piano has quickly become one of the most favored instruments in hip-hop, often serving as an introduction, main theme or background instrument in popular rap songs. Piano riffs can be easily created by playing the top, middle, and bottom notes of a chord in succession. This simple method makes them an effective way to start

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The Roots of Soul Music and Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop

Soul music‘s roots lie in Black church culture and gospel traditions. Idioms from Black gospel music such as call-and-response vocals between a lead singer and chorus can often be found throughout much soul music. Nina Simone and Curtis Mayfield of New York City released powerful songs with hard-hitting social commentary that helped foster the 70s

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How to Make Electronic Music

If you want to learn electronic music, the first step should be acquiring appropriate equipment and resources for learning it. Beyond this, however, it’s also essential that you develop an understanding of its history and evolution. Pre-World War II experiments with sound-producing devices provided the technical foundation for modern electronic music. Composers utilized this technology

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Find a Musical Instruments Shop Near Me

If you are a music lover and want to explore your musical skills, it is important to have the right instrument. A good instrument can enhance your performance and also help you improve your skills. Fortunately, there are many stores that provide various instruments at a reasonable price. These shops also provide great customer service

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How Pop Music Influences Society

Pop music is a type of music that has become enormously influential in society, shaping people’s opinions, values, behaviors and lifestyles. Teenagers in particular are highly vulnerable to peer pressure due to their malleable nature and ability to absorb cultural influences. As a result, peer pressure can have a major effect on their lives. It’s

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Three Letters For Reggae Like Music

Reggae is a musical genre that originated in Jamaica and evolved from several popular 1960s styles such as ska and rocksteady. Reggae music is characterized by its fast tempo and driving beat. The drums are syncopated to the bass and guitar, creating a unique rhythmic combination. Reggae songs often address social injustice, particularly against black

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