The Summer of 1995 – The Year of Dance Music

dance music 1995

The summer of 1995 marked a monumental shift for the UK music scene and, with it, dance music. It ushered in an era of British rock that would last until today and spawned an unprecedented explosion in dance music production.

House music has become the soundtrack of club culture, providing its driving groove. This genre often features minimal vocals and rhythmic synthesizers as its driving elements.

Stardust – Fate (Original Mix)

In July 1998, French trio Stardust – Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond – released one of the iconic dance songs ever: “French Touch,” an uptempo, filter-heavy style of house that took the world by storm.

It was composed from a guitar loop sampled from Chaka Khan’s 1981 disco hit “Fate,” and it became an instant hit, reaching number four on the UK chart upon its release and peaking at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100. Not just a club hit, though: this iconic radio hit has endured to this day as one of dance music fans’ all-time favorites.

Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond of Stardust created their sole album as a side project to escape from Daft Punk’s commercial demands. However, none of them ever imagined it would become such a huge success – they planned on releasing it on their indie label Roule as an escape from commercial pressures that came with working with Daft Punk.

Unbeknown to many at the time, a demo version of the song was played at a local club before its official release and caught the attention of Rex Club in London – leading to it becoming an instant hit despite all being relatively unknown at that time.

The song had become a timeless classic, yet it wasn’t until its 20th anniversary that it received an official remastering. Nicole Fiallo – a Miami-growed New York house producer – recreated the original mix for this remastered edition and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Nicole Fiallo’s music has always been one of my favorites and she did not disappoint with this track. Combining deep house with just enough soul and funk, Nicole created an enduring piece that will continue to move listeners for decades to come.

Listening to this record is a truly beautiful experience and a nostalgic throwback to when dancing along to music like this was commonplace. The lyrics are straightforward yet touching, while the melody has such infectious power that you’ll want to join in on the chorus sing-a-long!

The guitar and sax breaks are subtly understated, while the vocals fit perfectly for this type of song. The string-driven crescendo at the end is an exquisite moment that you can’t help but fall in love with.

But there’s more to this track than meets the eye. It serves as a precursor of the neo-disco ethos that would continue dominating music into the twenty-first century – something Reynolds notes in her 2011 book Defying History. It remains an enchanting anthem even today, nearly twenty years after its release in 1998.

Tracey Thorn & Ben Watt – Feel The Need

Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt have seen their career take off with the release of Their First Album in 24 Years, Everything But The Girl. This marks a return to form for the duo who began as lite-jazz folkie outfits in the 1980s before becoming major figures in sultry fern-bar dance music during the mid-1990s.

Their chart success included such hits as “Missing,” remixed by DJ Todd Terry. Additionally, their albums Amplified Heart and Walking Wounded marked a turning point in their artistic development; at this time they began to remove verbal and musical embellishments to focus on lyrical content.

The duo’s signature sound was an intoxicating blend of Latin pop and funk that would become their signature sound. While their earlier work focused on acoustic guitar-based songwriting, this was their first full album to embrace more electronic influences. They took inspiration from trips to drum n’ bass raves in London where they watched DJs such as Fabio, Doc Scott and Peshay perform.

This style of music wasn’t for everyone, but it perfectly captured the spirit of its era and gave musicians like Thorn and Watt a platform to express their innermost feelings. Their lyrics often conveyed an intensity not often found in pop music.

Though the band has taken a break from performing, their partner Ben Watt has continued to pursue a solo career, releasing several albums and writing books about his experiences in music. Additionally, he runs his own record label called Buzzin’ Fly.

After sixteen years and nine albums as the songwriter-performer-producer with Tracey Thorn in the successful duo Everything But The Girl, Watt returned to making music in 2014. His first solo effort, Fever Dream, was an impressive collection of songs that offer wise reflections on love and life’s passage.

After their engagement, Thorn and her partner became parents, keeping them incredibly busy with various projects as well as collaborations with other artists. It wasn’t long after this that Thorn decided to start recording her own solo material again after spending some months recording with German duo Tiefschwarz – an experience which inspired her to give it a shot again.

Thorn has since released her second solo album, Out of the Woods. This collection of songs sees Thorn collaborate with an eclectic group of collaborators and producers, including renowned electronic duo Massive Attack and Deep Dish.

The result is an enchanting and mature collection that showcases the duo at their creative peak, with a growing fanbase still behind them. This return for one of pop music’s greats from the 80s and 90s has been welcomed with open arms.

Ya Kid K – I Can’t Stop

In the 90s, dance music was a big hit. Kids loved it and it had catchy lyrics that kids could remember. Some of these tunes are still popular today and would make great choices for a kids’ party.

Ya Kid K’s I Can’t Stop (Original Mix) is an ideal choice for children’s parties because it’s fun to dance to, the lyrics are easy to remember, and the melody is catchy. Plus, these lyrics are clean and safe for kids to listen to.

Livin’ Joy – Don’t Stop Movin’ (Original Mix) is another classic 90s dance hit that kids will enjoy dancing to. The infectious beat makes it easy for anyone to do any type of move while the vocals are loud and exciting to listen to. Furthermore, the lyrics are positive encouraging people to express themselves authentically and stay true to themselves.

This song is ideal for a kids’ party as it conveys an encouraging message: never give up and always speak your truth. Additionally, the video of this popular tune has become quite popular on YouTube; definitely worth checking out!