Top 5 Bass Guitar Amp Plugins

Bass guitar amp plugins are an easy, time-saving way to quickly craft great bass sounds. Most are user friendly and offer a host of features.

Amplitube 5 is an advanced bass amp simulator that lets you mix and match different amps and stompboxes. Plus, the software even features an acoustic simulation mode for added authenticity.

Peridot Pro

Bass guitar amp plugins offer an affordable way to own an amp model without breaking the bank. Typically, these programs come equipped with various features that can be used to fine-tune your recording’s sound.

Similar to an IR loader, these plugins offer more customization options and often come with pre-sets. Furthermore, many of these products come equipped with an inbuilt speaker shaper.

Peridot Pro is a VST effects plugin that emulates real devices for processing electric and bass guitars, such as pedals, amplifiers, speakers and rack units. It includes 19 models of pedals, two amps, seven speaker models and three rack units.

There’s also the Bass pack, featuring amps and cabinets tailored specifically for bass guitar. Positive Grid created this plugin as a “virtual amp designer.”

It also features an Amp Match feature that lets you pick your favorite amp from a list of over 500 models. Furthermore, you can get a true tube tone by mixing and matching components.

This free bass guitar amp plugin is the ideal option for musicians looking to capture some heavy-hitting tones on their recordings. It boasts a selection of amps that range from clean and high-gain through punk rock and classic metal sounds.

Another feature of this plugin is its EQ Matching component, which enables you to transfer certain sonic characteristics from a guitar sound you admire to your own instrument by recording a short sample of the desired guitar’s sound.

Utilizing this feature is simple. Simply loop the sound you like, click Analyse target sound, and the plugin will compare your sample with what it already has recorded and begin transferring sonic characteristics automatically.

This plugin features a live mode with 8 dynamic bass articulations loaded simultaneously, plus Groove Lock function which lets you sync your bass lines to RMX grooves or MIDI files – making working faster than with other bass plugins possible.


Spectrasonics’ Tonespot plugin for bass guitar amps is one of the premier options on the market. It provides an array of unique sounds including fretless, string-based and acoustic basses to give your music extra depth and nuance.

This plugin offers an extensive library of presets and several controls to tailor the sound of your amp to your preference. Furthermore, Round Robin sampling gives bass lines a natural expression and feel. Available for Windows and macOS alike.

This plugin features a powerful amplifier model that produces deep and thundering bass tones. It provides 15 high-quality presets for electronic music along with simple to use controls. Furthermore, this lightweight plugin takes up only 101MB on your computer’s hard drive – perfect for those on the go!

BIAS Amp 2 Elite is an outstanding bass guitar amp plugin that offers authentic tone creation. It boasts 36 default amp models, pedals, cabinets, mics and custom design options to give your sound the unique character it deserves.

In addition to amps and cabinets, it features an expansive EQ section which helps add extra punch and clarity to the sound. You can even use it to filter out unwanted frequencies while emphasizing those you want more prominent in your mix.

Bass plugins come in a wide variety, making it essential to find one that meets your individual needs. Some offer more general tones like dirty heavy metal and clean jazz; these are good all-rounders suitable for most genres of music; if more specific sounds are desired, there are plenty of other solutions available too.

Neural DSP offers their Tone King Imperial MKII bass guitar amp plugin with all these elements plus an EQ Matching component that blends sounds from one guitar sound to another.

In addition to its EQ Matching capability, this guitar plugin also boasts a comprehensive effects section with various compressors and limiters, reverbs, EQs, delays and filters designed for any musical style.


TSE BOD V3.0 is an advanced bass guitar amp plugin with plenty of options and capabilities. Plus, it comes equipped with an extensive library of presets to help you craft amazing basslines quickly and easily.

This software stands out due to its advanced real-time modal synthesis technology, which offers astounding sound realism. This allows you to craft guitar tones more faithfully than with any other bass software available.

Another outstanding feature of this plugin is the tab player, which can playback, display, and load a specific part within a tablature file. This ensures that your bass line is tuned correctly and displayed without any issues.

Furthermore, you can customize the playing logic to make it even more authentic. This is an invaluable feature for beginners who don’t possess much expertise in bass guitar.

There are multiple emulations available, such as two Ampeg models and one GK model. Each has been meticulously modeled to capture the tone of its original era, providing you with a superb representation of the instruments themselves.

Furthermore, you can customize the pedals and cabinets to get exactly the right sound for your music. Even adjust the depth of sound for optimal accuracy.

TSE BOD V3.0 also features several effects to make your music sound bigger and more textured, such as equalization (EQ), delay, and reverb.

The plug-in also includes a Bassment function, which automatically sets up the input level to guarantee all components are working optimally. This saves time and effort.

Another remarkable feature is EQ Matching, which automatically matches the sound to a target bass guitar solo based on just a short sample of it. This ensures accuracy no matter what equipment or guitar you use – for the best possible sound every time!

TSE BOD V3.0 is unquestionably the best bass guitar plugin available and well worth every penny. With it, you can create stunning bass tracks that will stand out from competitors.

Bass Deluxe

Bass Deluxe is a multi-effect pedal and bass amplifier modeling plugin designed to let you shape your tone and express creativity. Its user-friendly design makes it the ideal companion for both the studio and stage, offering an extensive library of sounds so that you can find your unique sound.

This pedal offers an extensive selection of amp, cabinet and stompbox effects to choose from, such as overdrive, distortion, chorus, tremolo, filtering, pitch shifting and more. Plus its easy-to-use editing tools let you craft custom sounds even while on the go.

Its EQ can also be used to adjust the sound of the pedal, making it ideal for adding some treble while keeping your low-end in check. This makes adjusting your sound ideal when using headphones or speakers much simpler than with other devices.

This pedal offers an extensive library of sounds to choose from, such as acoustic and electric bass, synth and rock guitar. Additionally, it includes 14 unique modulation and special effects tailored for bass. These include phasing, flanging, chorusing, tremolo, detuning and pitch shifting plus an intelligent bass synthesizer that plays along in key.

If you’re looking to experiment with a wider selection of bass effects, this pedal also includes powerful overdrives and distortions that can be tailored to match any genre of music. Furthermore, its selection of compressors and limiters helps shape your low-end tone for ultimate control.

Finally, there’s a wide selection of reverbs and delays to enhance your bass tone. The reverbs can be adjusted for amplitude, pitch and frequency while the delay allows you to alter how long the signal remains dampened.

Reverbs can also be tailored to match your amp model, giving you access to all kinds of effects in real-time. This is especially helpful when playing live and not knowing how your bass will sound with it. Furthermore, setting each reverb to have different durations for each instrument will guarantee optimal results from both instruments and amplifier.