Top 5 Sad Songs

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Something about a beautiful sad song touches our hearts deeply, comforting them with its soothing beat and voice of its singer.

Carol Banawa’s ballad “Fiamma” has become a favorite at funerals. With its poignant melody, this ballad will make you weep for some time.

Walang Hanggan by Quest

For anyone going through a breakup, this song will definitely strike a chord. The lyrics capture perfectly how hard it can be to let go and let love go without mourning someone special in our lives – making for an emotionally powerful tune that you cannot stop listening to over and over.

Quest first rose to fame as an up-and-coming Filipino singer-songwriter when his single, “Back to Love”, won Best Urban Music Video at 2010 MYX Awards Philippines. Since then, he has released multiple albums and music videos, his most recent collaboration being Walang Hanggan for popular teleserye “Sunday Pinay”. Here at WISHclusive we bring you his heart-rending live performance of this tragic tune!

The film opens in Bulacan in 1912 as President Municipal Don Teodoro (Ronaldo Valdez) announces the engagement of Alfonso to Angelina after being persuaded by her mother Consuelo (Tetchie Agbayani) that it will help Sebastian, an American supporter of bandido-turned-politician Juan Crisostomo, become a free man.

Although its story may be slow-paced, the movie remains true to its intent and boasts stunning cinematography. Additionally, starring Hero Angeles, Gladys Reyes, Mylene Dizon and Ayegee Paredes as well as Quest’s song Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa was instrumental in drawing audiences when commercially released.

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye by Roy Orbison

Departures can be sad. Music has long been used as an expressive outlet to express these emotions; Roy Orbison famously sang about the pain associated with losing someone you love in this song that has since been covered by many artists including the Beatles, Rihanna, and Gotye.

One of the most famous renditions was by rock group Chicago and released on their 1976 album X. While originally written as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, this beautiful, melancholy track reminds us all of mortality.

Reducing grief when saying goodbye is never easy, yet this powerful anthem has long served as an inspirational source. Reminding us that even as we part ways physically with loved ones we still share their spirits in spirit form.

In 2003, Target stores used Roy’s song for their advertising campaign featuring six unique remixes of its original track with their own individual backing tracks and vocal samples from Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne as backing vocalists. This campaign was promoted through its broadcast on Top Of The Pops during January, February, and March in 2003.

The River by Michael Buble

Michael Buble’s song The River explores heartbreak and its after-effects after a broken relationship has ended. It tells the tale of someone being driven completely insane by another individual without ever showing any compassion toward them; thus encouraging the other party to cry themselves to tears as an expression of their affection; challenging them to prove it by making tears come streaming down their face in response. Neither party receives sympathy; instead the singer wants them to experience all of the hurt that they’ve felt for themselves without any one else pity from anyone.

The Goodbye Song by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a five-time Grammy award winner and widely revered as the Queen of Christmas, known for her five-octave vocal range, riff skills and top chart-topping songs. From Mariah’s 11th studio album E=MC2 comes this gorgeous ballad inspired by Carey’s personal experiences of loss; its verses recount his memory while its chorus offers support to listeners experiencing such loss themselves.

This piano and keyboard-driven single is an apt choice for funeral slideshows as it serves as an emotional tribute to those who have passed. At the same time, its upbeat quality reminds those left behind that they are not alone and urging them to keep their loved one’s memories alive.

This music video depicts images of Carey promoting her album in the UK and spending romantic moments with Nick Cannon (then her then-fiance). Carey also displays photos of deceased friends and collaborators like Luther Vandross and Luciano Pavarotti; thus serving as a fitting memorial tribute for both herself and those she’s lost along her journey.

Travis Atreo of Seattle singer/songwriter Travis Atreo offers one of the most touching renditions of Carey’s song ‘One Last Breath.’ His rendition highlights her impressive vocal range while still allowing the lyrics to come through clearly, creating a stunning and moving piece which can serve as an inspirational source for grieving families at any time of year.

The Last Song by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has become one of the most iconic pop stars of her generation. Her music celebrates self-confidence and music’s power to transport listeners away to another time and place. Christina also pioneered women’s rights advocacy; her songs have inspired people of all ages and backgrounds to advocate for women’s rights and remain true to themselves.

Aguilera’s powerful vocals come to the fore in this track with its danceable beat and catchy melody, celebrating the feeling of freedom that comes from finding love in relationships. It became a top hit and established her as an important figure in teen music.

Heartbreak can be hard to describe in words, but this song does an incredible job of it. It captures that feeling when you realize your partner would be happier without you; something which often happens in gay relationships where one party may be more open than you to exploring their passions and pursuing their own interests.

Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World’s ballad “Reach Out to Me,” written and performed with just piano and voice, is an iconic piece from 1990s pop music. With its simple piano melody and heartfelt vocal performance, this ballad became an anthem of self-love and acceptance anthem for generations of fans worldwide. Re-released again with new video in 2022 to emphasize inclusion and diversity; showing LGBTQ community members as well as people living with disabilities all celebrating their unique beauty is highlighted here by its powerful performance by A Great Big World singer Christina Aguilera herself!