Where Can I Download Hip Hop Music?

where can i download hip hop music

Royalty-free mainstream hip hop music tracks and instrumentals. Use them in your next project under the Mixkit License.

Datpiff is a website that brings artists and fans together through music sharing, offering easy navigation and offering a broad selection of hip hop tunes.

Beatstars offers free hip hop music. Their library includes beats from popular artists.


SoundCloud is an online music streaming and download service dedicated to hip hop that allows its users to easily find their tracks. Boasting an extensive MP3 library and offering various search filters to assist users in quickly finding their perfect songs, SoundCloud also enables sharing songs via social media as well as free streaming of hip hop tunes – perfect for any genre lover!

SoundCloud rap’s popularity has allowed artists to bypass major labels and establish their own brands without restrictions from major labels, and create their own brands without restrictions from major labels. Furthermore, SoundCloud has given rise to a new generation of rappers who each possess distinct styles and sounds; such as Florida collective Raider Klan or 12 year-old Philadelphia rapper Matt Ox – as well as more established stars such as XXXTentacion, Famous Dex, or 6ix9ine who have gained greater notoriety due to their fame – however their notoriety has drawn scrutiny over their actions in real life as well.

Interactivity and community are essential to the platform’s success, with artists being able to directly connect with listeners. Users can share their opinions by commenting on tracks they are listening to. In addition, Picks For You creates personalized playlists based on users’ listening habits and music tastes.

SoundCloud is free for users, though some advanced features require a monthly subscription fee. Still, SoundCloud remains one of the premier places for hip hop music discovery despite its limitations; iOS and Android devices users can utilize its mobile apps for downloads for offline listening; in addition, streaming audio quality is higher than with desktop counterpart. Nonetheless, uploads must comply with copyright laws as well as not violate other people’s privacy when uploading material for sharing on SoundCloud.


Datpiff is a hip-hop mixtape site housing hundreds of thousands of albums by rappers and producers, many of whom are household names such as Lil Wayne, Meek Mill and Chance the Rapper. Datpiff was an important platform for new music from 2005-2010 when its peak period coincided with commercial releases; serving as both demo releases as well as focused commercial releases.

At that time, artists such as Meek Mill and Lil Wayne rose to fame by posting mixtapes online for download or streaming; often these mixtapes garnered high download counts, plays, comments and downloads – often giving a first chance for hip-hop fans to hear these artists’ songs – thus expanding their fan base, potentially leading to record deals from major labels.

MediaLab, the parent company of Genius and WorldStarHipHop, now owns RapFutures, leaving many fans bewildered and sadden by reports that its fate remains uncertain – many mourning its extensive archive of rap music.

DatPiff is the go-to platform for hip-hop music, and having more plays will increase visibility, which could affect rankings and chart positions. If your profile needs some improvement or increasing social proof, buy Datpiff plays from a reliable source; buying comments will give instant credibility which will convince other hip-hop heads to listen to your mixtapes more likely than not.


Beatstars is an online music marketplace that allows producers to sell their beats. The site features many tools designed to promote and connect producers’ music with artists; artists can stream tracks, download mp3s, and share them via social media. Furthermore, Beatstars provides a free plan for producers looking to test out its waters; however it can only be utilized by artists with at least one track in their portfolio.

Beatstars was founded by Abe Batshon in 2008 to make life easier for producers and songwriters. Over time, Beatstars has expanded into partnerships with Dailymotion, SoundCloud, and Audiomack – providing producers a central marketplace where artists and rappers seeking beats could meet them.

Many producers have found success on Beatstars, an ideal way to get their music heard by more listeners and build relationships among producers as well as attract new fans. Their free plan enables producers to post beats for feedback by the community as well as interact with other artists using an on-site chatroom.

Though all transactions and licensing agreements on this website are legal and transparent, some experts are concerned about samples with unknown ownership that could lead to potential lawsuits against producers if an artist releases commercial music with unknown samples in it. Should an artist commercially release songs with these samples without clearance from producers then back royalties may become due and payable from these songs’ producers.

Beatstars provides commercial licenses to buyers of beats purchased through its service. These licensing agreements have been reviewed by its attorneys to ensure creators maintain 100% of their writer shares and 50% of publisher shares – similar to YoungKio’s arrangement with beat-leasing services when leasing “Old Town Road.” In case further transactions take place between publishing companies or record labels, Beatstars does not become involved.


SoundClick is a music sharing website and social platform, offering its users a secure environment to upload, promote, and share audio files. It features an expansive library of songs and hip hop beats as well as an app available for mobile devices – offering an ad-free experience; music downloads can be found free of charge while streaming may incur costs; with its mobile app offering great user experiences!

Apps such as Spotify are now available on iOS and Android devices to make accessing music easy on-the-go. Downloadable from Google Play stores, they allow access to over 350,000 tracks available for download in both mood and genre categories as well as instrument in each song. Furthermore, with filters to search by mood or instrument used in songs to ensure you find exactly what you are searching for quickly and conveniently.

SoundClick provides artists with access to an affordable MP3 sales portal, offering various packages tailored specifically for artists – such as free accounts that can be upgraded into VIP accounts with higher MB per song limits and deep linking features.

While SoundClick provides much to its users, some issues must be addressed to ensure its continued success. One such issue is lack of support for artists on SoundClick; music websites must treat artists fairly if they want their users to remain loyal and remain with them over time. Furthermore, its outdated design is inaccessible on mobile phones – upgrading and improving service are necessary improvements that should not be ignored by music lovers and enthusiasts.


Audiomack was established to give musicians an effortless platform for sharing music with their audiences without restrictions or limits. Audiomack caters specifically to new and independent musicians, distinguishing it from competitors such as Spotify that require subscription fees in order to access its full catalog of songs and playlists. Furthermore, there is a wide range of genres offered including hip hop music download. Plus there’s even an optional Premium subscription plan offering ad-free streaming.

Audiomack’s team has come up with an effective marketing and promotion solution in Trap Symphony on YouTube, which features rappers performing their tracks over orchestral renditions of them. Past videos featuring Migos, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Chief Keef have amassed over one million views each. It’s an innovative way to build brand awareness and attract attention for any music!

Upload your music to Audiomack by choosing its genre, artist name, uploading cover art and filling out song details; additionally you may include up to two tags as well. After adding all this data click “Finish”. When your track is live you can add purchase links or modify its URL so listeners can easily find and follow you.

Not only does the platform allow unlimited uploads, it offers various tools that can assist musicians in promoting their music. In addition, the company offers a monetization program which gives artists royalties for every stream they receive – something unique among music streaming services! This model will be interesting to observe if other platforms follow suit.

Parents should be mindful that while this platform may be safe for kids, it may also be used to share music that may contain explicit lyrics or drug references, as well as for other users to comment on songs, playlists and podcasts which could lead to bullying or cyberbullying behavior from others.