Acoustic Wave Therapy at Home

at home acoustic wave therapy

Piezowave shockwave therapy is a painless, noninvasive therapy that can stimulate tissue healing without long-term side effects or adverse reactions.

Acoustic wave therapy typically produces noticeable improvement within three weeks for most men using it to restore erections through improved blood flow, effectively relieving symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.


Acoustic wave therapy is an innovative, safe, and painless treatment used to aid injury healing. No surgery or injections are necessary and doctors often utilize this form of therapy in helping their patients heal musculoskeletal conditions such as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and myofascial pain syndrome. Acoustic waves used during this therapy break down scar tissue while increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation; additionally they promote healthy tissue growth/regrowth in the area being treated.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy, or ESWT, is an alternative method of treatment that may be utilized as an adjunctive method to physical therapy and medication for specific conditions. Though commonly utilized within orthopedic and physiotherapy settings for treating muscular-skeletal conditions, this modality has also found success when utilized at higher intensities for use in urology (uroscopy) and cardiovascular medicine settings.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have shown to benefit from acoustic wave therapy for ED. This non-invasive and painless therapy has shown to improve length and quality of erections for up to 70% of those receiving this therapy.

Shockwave therapy can be performed both in-office or at home using an acoustic wave device, but few at-home options have the energy capacity necessary to replicate clinical trial results. Our SoftWave therapy device, however, delivers real and clinically effective results from within your own home environment.

At each session, your therapist uses an acoustic wave device against the skin in the affected area to produce a tapping sensation without being painful. While you may feel some tingling or discomfort during treatment, once it has concluded, you can resume daily activities immediately. Some individuals find relief after just one in-office visit while others can experience lasting relief through at-home treatments – either way it is important to consult a healthcare provider to ensure this treatment plan fits with your specific needs and goals.


Acoustic Wave Therapy offers an attractive alternative to both invasive surgical procedures and side-effect-laden pills, working from the comfort of your own home to achieve long-term results. Acoustic waves work to address the root causes of erectile dysfunction including low blood flow by encouraging new blood vessels to form in the area; thus restoring sensitivity for more satisfying sexual experiences in bed.

At our office, we use the advanced DUOLITH SD1 T-TOP from Storz Medical to deliver targeted shockwave therapy for men’s sexual health issues, sports injuries, pelvic pain and Peyronie’s disease as well as wound healing/bone regeneration. It features various interchangeable heads that direct stimulation over wide or precise areas when placed against your skin; energy from its projectile is transferred to tissue where it transforms into acoustic pressure waves that promote blood flow thereby stimulating metabolism and healing processes, helping therapists treat deeper areas than with conventional massage techniques alone.

Acoustic waves use soundwaves to break down micro-plaque in your blood vessel walls and help reduce your blood flow, providing pain-free treatment with no downtime or restrictions afterward.

Acoustic Wave Therapy works immediately, unlike many treatments which take several months before showing results. Most patients typically only require six-12 20-minute sessions spread out over three to four months to experience lasting symptom relief.

Storz Medical offers the MASTERPULS ONE portable device as an extracorporeal shockwave therapy option for athletes who cannot visit our clinic for therapy, but wish to enhance their performance on the field or court. This handheld device makes delivering extracorporeal shockwave therapy easily and safely while on the move; lightweight, easy to use, no maintenance requirements – perfect for traveling, sporting events, training camps and the workplace alike!

Our portable acoustic wave machine from PhysioLITE is the ideal solution for patients who wish to forego the cost and inconvenience of traveling to our clinic for this effective therapy. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface that makes operation quick and straightforward, this portable unit makes effective treatment simple.


No matter the goal, sound wave therapy can provide effective results in terms of both fat reduction and tightening up facial features. While sound wave technology is generally safe for most patients, always consult a healthcare professional prior to making decisions about medical interventions such as shockwave devices sold online as many are unproven and may not deliver as promised.

Most home devices that claim to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) lack evidence-based solutions, lacking energy capacity to address its root causes or producing sound waves proven effective against it. Unfortunately, such products are widely sold and consumed at risk.

Truth be told, true radial shockwave devices are Class III medical devices designed for use only by licensed physicians in clinical environments – meaning they’re unavailable for at-home use and much more expensive than what can be found for sale online like eBay and Amazon.

These at-home devices are not regulated, meaning there’s no guarantee they will be safe to use. Furthermore, using them could prove dangerous if you suffer from certain health conditions – for instance nerve or circulation issues should avoid using shockwave devices as they can hinder normal healing processes and metabolic bone conditions or tumors should avoid doing the same – further increasing risks to yourself or the body.

Even with all these warnings in place, some men still prefer at-home acoustic wave therapy for ED despite these cautions. This may be because online devices sold are cheaper than visiting men’s health clinics here in America. Before buying one of these devices however, it’s essential that you do your research and research the manufacturer website as well as read reviews to gain a full picture.


Acoustic wave therapy provides a much more cost-effective and safe solution for treating erectile dysfunction than medications can, with no nasty side effects and much lower prices. By targeting the source rather than just treating symptoms, acoustic wave therapy helps patients get relief without needing to visit doctors – saving both money and time!

However, when making the decision about at-home acoustic wave therapy for yourself there are certain things you must keep in mind when making this choice. First of all, true shockwave therapy (the type used in actual published studies) cannot be administered at home as class two and three medical devices like GAINSWave or similar are considered medical class devices that must only be operated by qualified healthcare providers.

At-home acoustic wave therapy products typically involve purchasing only one device at once, saving money over time as you won’t pay per session as would be necessary if visiting a clinic for similar therapy treatments.

At-home acoustic wave therapies typically cost less than in-clinic sessions; their exact cost will depend on factors like your location, the healthcare facility and condition being treated. On average, sessions cost anywhere from $150-500.

Acoustic wave therapy is an effective solution for many conditions, including plantar fasciitis, chronic pain, bursitis and shoulder pain. It can be used alone as a stand-in treatment or in combination with physical therapy and medication for more serious injuries; its noninvasive nature makes it safer than more invasive options like surgery while being covered by insurance policies for even greater affordability than its counterparts.