Prithvi Dance and Music Zone

prithvi dance  music zone

Prithvi dance & Music Zone is an excellent school for dance and music instruction. Their staff are friendly, and they provide top-notch instruction.

On the second day of Odisha Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Contemporary Dance Festival, we were treated to some exquisite performances. However, certain productions left us with some unanswered questions regarding contemporary dance’s aesthetic and practical applications.

Prithvi Dance & Music Zone is a place to learn dance and music

Prithvi Dance & Music Zone is a hub for learning dance and music. It provides classes in subjects like ballet, hip hop and Bollywood dancing as well as performances of Indian classical music and folk dance. The staff and teachers at Prithvi are friendly and knowledgeable; eager to assist new students with their craft. Prithvi is an ideal starting point for kids interested in either dance or music – they will have lots of fun while learning something new at the same time! Plus, with its large studio space it makes for great hanging out with friends or meeting new people.

Prithvi Dance & Music Zone is a place to enjoy dance and music

Prithvi Dance & Music Zone is the perfect spot for dance and music enthusiasts. Not only will you make new friends here, but you can learn various dances too! Plus, with their top-notch staff on hand to assist with lessons on piano or violin playing – there’s no better place than Prithvi!

Prithvi Dance & Music Zone is a place to meet new people

Are you searching for a place to meet new people, prithvi dance & music zone is the ideal destination. Their friendly staff will do their best to assist with whatever knowledge you may need; plus they have an awesome atmosphere for kids to explore their talents in an encouraging atmosphere. Teachers at Priya are patient yet kind; teaching kids in an interactive way while motivating them towards success. With such great success rates with students of all ages, this company also offers an impressive salary package to their employees as well.