dance music

Dance Music Genres

Dance music has quickly become a mainstay in the music industry thanks to its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks, as well as streaming platforms that connect artists directly with their audiences. There are various subgenres of dance music, including disco, funk, techno, house, trance and drum and bass. Many of these subgenres share similarities and […]

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The 1990s and Beyond

Decade that saw post-grunge bands like Candlebox, Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down and Bush enjoy widespread commercial success; witnessed the advent of alternative rock. Popular 90 2000 dance music genres included Eurodance, Hi-NRG and trance. Additional upbeat genres that emerged during this period were progressive house, big beat, UK garage (or speed garage) and trip

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How Effects Are Used in Dance Music Production

Dance producers use effects to sculpt sounds and create an expansive space when transitioning between different parts of a track – whether that be buildups or drops. Jonas Blue, an award-winning multi-platinum producer, provides this course. Discover his entire production process – writing lyrics and producing tracks until they achieve his distinctive sound. Intro An

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