Heavy Metal Music Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of Some of the Best Metal Bands in History

Heavy metal music is a form of rock that features distorted guitars, loud vocals and powerful drum beats. If this genre speaks to you, take this quiz that will test your knowledge about some popular heavy metal bands! Although this quiz may present challenging questions, take it in good fun! All questions are designed for

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Alternative Indie Music History

1965 was an auspicious year for indie music. From MC5 and Velvet Underground, 1965 witnessed many emerging acts that defiantly refused the commercial mainstream, often opting for low-quality sound aesthetics that exude authenticity. Today, “indie” encompasses many different musical genres ranging from garage rock to psychedelic folk. Virtually any independent band can use this label.

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Dance Music History

As dance music increasingly falls under scrutiny for being too “gentrified or whitewashed”, it is crucial that we acknowledge its rich history of black artists. Drum ‘N’Bass saw unprecedented levels of success during the 2000s, with artists like Pendulum, Shy FX and Chase & Status all reaching iconic landmarks in their careers. Synthesizers and drum

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A Guide to Folk Music History

As audio recording technologies advanced, folk music scholars began exploring and documenting America’s traditional expressions. They examined how Native American ritual songs, African American spirituals and Anglo American fiddle tunes functioned within their social settings. These researchers studied folk music from different cultures, such as Romanian folk dances that inspired Bartok. Additionally, they analyzed song

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A Brief History of the Banjo

Nowadays, banjos are most often associated with white mountain culture and bluegrass music – but they actually have a much deeper history. Slave Africans used gourd-lutes called akontings as dance and celebration instruments with spiritual meaning, such as banjos. These musical instruments could even be found within sacred ceremonies! Early Banjos Early banjos featured skin

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Heavy Metal Music History

Scholars point to this element of metal songs as being key in its definition and understanding of this genre. Scholars acknowledge this preoccupation as one that defines and characterizes it. Foucault notes that genre names serve a “classificatory function, helping us group texts together and differentiate among them.” In the case of metal genre, its

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